Live cameras: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean Sea. Along with several small islands nearby, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. About three million people live in Puerto Rico. The capital is San Juan.

The name of the island is Spanish. Translated as "Rich Harbor". The main language of communication in Puerto Rico is Spanish. This is due to the fact that Puerto Rico used to belong to the Spanish Colonial Empire. It was only in 1898 that Puerto Rico's weaknesses were Americana during the war. During the 20th century, many portions migrated to the USA. Today, there are more Puerto Ricans living in the United States than in Puerto Rico itself.

Puerto Rico is located in the tropics. Summer is there all year round. Half of the island consists of mountain ranges. The highest mountain, Cerro de Punta, has a height of only 1338 meters. Mountains covered with rainforest. In addition, Puerto Rico has many sandy beaches with palm trees and small deserts.

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