Live cameras: Palestinian, State Of

Palestinian, State Of

Palestine is a country in western Asia. Previously, this was the territory on which the State of Israel is located today. The region got its name in honor of the Philistines who lived here in ancient times.

Anyone who talks about Palestine today is thinking only about a part of ancient Palestine. Arabs, who are called Palestinians, live in these areas. These are the so-called Palestinian territories. Since 1967, the territories have been occupied by the Israeli army. Ultimately, the Israeli Government determines the laws in the region.

The Palestinian Territories are two territories. A large area is called the West Coast. It is located between Israel and its neighboring country Jordan. Jordan is the name of an important river from which Israel takes its drinking water. The west bank is located west of the river.

The smaller territory is the Gaza Strip. It consists of a thin strip of land on the Mediterranean coast. The Gaza Strip borders Israel, and Egypt to the south. It got its name from the city of Gaza.

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