Live cameras: Argentina


This country is lawfully called as one of the biggest in South America. It is the second in the list of the biggest countries, after Brazil. There is diverse nature here: you can see the snow picks on the West side and the plateaus at the East, heat sun on the North and Antarctic ices coming to the South of Argentina.

Argentina is a homeland of tango. Different dancing festivals constantly take place here, which would like to be seen by the most tourists in the world. Argentina is a typical migrant’s country, that’s why many traditions present here. This country may be called “European Paris” and it is almost true.

The Insecam project is an opened window to Argentina. By using it, through the Foscam, every website visitor can dive into the atmosphere of this fascinating country. All the cameras (most popular cameras) working in real-time mode, and installed in different sides of the Argentina. You can follow Argentina’s lifestyle with the Insecam project for free, you don’t even need to create an account. The cameras are being checked every day and offline cameras being deleted from the catalogue.

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