Live cameras: Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is situated in the middle Europe. It is full of the healing mineral water. Thus many picturesque resorts became a part of this culture. All the Czech border is surrounded by the mountains, thus the local Summer is very warm and mild.

What should be visited in Czech Republic? Each street would be interesting place for the tourist who came here for the first time. The Kampa park, the Kuttenberg, the Orlik castle and Prague neighborhood are the most interesting places for tourists. Fascinating landscape could be seen here in Spring. Moreover, you don’t have to go in Czech Republic to see these sights.

You can use the Insecam project to observe the most interesting Czech sights. Through the big quantity of the public Linksys, Sony and NetCam cameras you can get familiar with this beautiful European country. You can see the everyday routine, streets, shops, traditional markets, cafe here.

The Insecam cameras catalogue is being checked every day, and offline cameras are being removed, so all the cameras in catalogue are active and show the real picture of Czech Republic. This project is payment free and you don’t even need to register the account.

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