Live cameras: Germany


This country have changed to the best side, despite on all horrible things at the World War II. You can get familiar with historical sight and architectural monuments, big cities filled with life, picturesque and fascinating houses, factories and night clubs, famous museums and Munich castles here. Take a focus on the house-museum of Goethe at Frankfurt am Main.

The German cities are many-sided as the Germany is. Make sure by yourself using the Insecam project. Thanks to the wide number of public cameras, installed in different sides of the country, you are able to check this by your own. The Insecam project allows you to be in touch with the Germany events at any more in a real-time.

If you are planning a trip to the homeland of beer, German sausages, Bavarian Alps, check the Germany status at this moment through the Insecam. Also you are able to estimate the weather in online mode before your trip. You can make sure what is going on in Germany right now, just check it with Insecam project - you don’t have to trust the sneaky mass media blindly anymore

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