Live cameras: Hungary


Hungary is situated in the heart of Europe. This country can be called as the country of touristic contrasts. You will find pure lakes, therapeutic resorts, luxury hotels with good staff in there.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. It is also called as The Pearl of Duna. Despite on all destructions, took place in Hungary’s history, tons of masterpieces still present here: Rome Empire monuments, Turk buildings, middle age castles, romantic temples in Jak.
You can check what’s going on in Hungary by using the Insecam project in any moment of your everyday 24/7

This system is represented by the big quantity of public real-time cameras that are installed in different sides of Hungary. With their assistance you can observe the beautiful views of this country sitting in your chair. You can come closer with the country you would like to visit with the Insecam project.

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