Live cameras: Korea, Republic Of

Korea, Republic Of

South Korea is quite interesting Asian country. It is situated on Korean peninsula that is filled by mountains for a 1/3 part. There is indescribable landscape here, that is covered by picturesque hills and valleys. Mountains that are stretched at the eastern side of peninsula from the north to the east reach down to the Japanese Sea.

The western and southern parts of South Korea have highly developed agriculture branch. Rice plantations – the symbol of this country – are the most cultivated here.

South Korea attracts millions of tourists every year, who would like to see these beautiful sights and meet the Korean culture as it is. By using Insecam project you can find out more about this country. You can observe many outside Foscam cameras that are installed in different corners of the country. Thus you can see what is going on at Korean markets, offices, malls.

Also the Insecam system may give the cue about the weather in there, about national mood, etc. Just in case if mass media hide some information or your tour operator is silent, when you ask questions like these. But don’t forget that the location of the cameras is approx and gives approximate view about that place where they are located.

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