Live cameras: Lebanon


Lebanon is a country in Asia. It is located in the very west, not far from the Arabian Peninsula, on the Mediterranean coast. The country is small: Switzerland is about four times larger. However, many Lebanese live in other countries, especially in France, Latin America and Australia.

In ancient times, the seafaring people of the Phoenicians lived here. The province of Lebanon already existed in the Ottoman Empire. After the First World War, the French seized power there and in Syria. During the Second World War, Lebanon became an independent country. Since 1975, there have been several wars in the country: between Christians and Muslims, but Israel has also played a role.

Soon after the coast of Lebanon, the Lebanese Mountains begin. It's so cold there that it snows in winter. Beyond the mountains it becomes flatter and warmer, but after that another mountain appears. Behind her, the landscape becomes drier. There is already a desert abroad, in Syria.

Lebanon is a country with a great culture and history. In total, there are five places included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: in the cities of Anjar, Byblos, Baalbek and Tyros, you can find ancient buildings and ruins of high cultures of antiquity. Wadi Kadisha is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes of Lebanon.

The country gave the name to one type of tree, the Lebanese cedar. Such a tree, which remains green all year round, is also depicted on the flag of the country.

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