Live cameras: Netherlands


Netherlands is a purely, industrious and prosperous country. Everybody knows the proverb: “God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands”. In order to that fact, that Netherland’s land is under the sea level, we can say that the country was created by its population.

This country is very intriguing and it deserves to be visited by each tourist. Local population is a well-combined form of hardworking Germans and freelove Dutch. This is a place where the soft drugs and prostitution are legal.

At the small area of 35.000 square kilometers, 17 million inhabitants live. Amsterdam is the main cultural and business centre here. The Insecam project gives the opportunity to dive into the routine of this beautiful and extraordinary homeland of tulips.

By using of thousands NetCam, Axis and Foscam public cameras, each visitor can see the Dutch life in a real-time. Many inhabitants insist of the cameras being opened in their cafe, restaurants, offices and other, just to show the world how they live. You can find out many interesting about this country, its culture and routine by using the Insecam resources.

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