Live cameras: Panama


Panama is a country in Central America. Panama has one coast in the Pacific Ocean and one in the Atlantic Ocean. Panama is almost twice the size of Switzerland and has half as many inhabitants. The locals are called Panamanians. The capital of the country is also called Panama (Panama City). 

On the map, Panama is a narrow strip of land. In the narrowest place of the country, you can't drive even an hour from 1 coast to coast. The north is mostly covered with tropical forests. To the south is the Azuero Peninsula with lots of farmland and beautiful beaches.

Like in neighboring countries, Spanish is spoken in Panama. Most of the inhabitants have both Indians and Europeans as ancestors, some of whom are also from Africa. Until 1903, the country was still part of Colombia, before that it was part of the Spanish Colonial Empire.

Panama is mainly known for the Panama Canal. It was completed in 1914. It was built by the USA. For a long time, the area around the canal also belonged to the United States, but since 1999 it has been part of Panama.

Ships can move from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean through this channel. This way you no longer have to travel all over South America. Every year, 14,000 vessels pass through this channel.

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