Live cameras: Romania


In this country prevails incredible romantic and Medieval spirit. Tourists explore the amazement of the marvelous castles, mysterious Transylvania and Count Dracula's figure, which became the tourist brands of Romania.

There are beaches and Black Sea coast, picturesque lakes and Danube Valley, health resorts in there. Moreover, beautiful Transfagarash Highway, ancient town Curtea de Arges and Vidraru are located in Romania. Transylvania is the most popular region of this country. Legendary Dracula’s palace, unique churches, snow-capped peak of Fagarasului, ancient castles, pictorial fields and woods – all these stuff situated here.

Dobruja district is skirted along the Black Sea coast. All the popular resorts are situated in Dobruja. We can see all these famous places in a real-time environment through online Insecam catalog. Due to huge amount of cameras, everybody can find out the situation in Romania. The Foscam, Axis and Netcam are working in real-time. This project doesn’t require the registration and payment free!

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