Live cameras: Turkey


Turkey is not only famous for the four seas and beautiful beaches, but also a wonderful Istanbul. There are palaces and mosques, thermal springs, monasteries, snowy Pamukkale, the great shopping, magnificent Istanbul, Cappadocia art treasures in there. 

Turkey is a very popular country for tourists. Millions of tourists from around the world visit Turkey every year. You shouldn't think, that Turkey has only a sea. There are pleasant climate, ancient buildings, architectural monuments and much more what European people just envy. Do not believe me? Insecam project is able to convince you. You can observe what is going on in Turkey in real time, using Insecam public cameras. 

A lot of people know this country due to the high servicing "all inclusive". The main part of Turkey is situated in Asia. Turkey divided into 7 different districts, which differ by naturals conditions. Plateau is the greatest part of the Turkish territory. There is a beautiful Pontic Mountains in the North Turkey. Many tourists call this country as a land of contrasts or The East Gate.

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