Live cameras: animal


There are thousands of animals and birds living in the world. They are always delighting the human view. Colorful pictures of animals and birds are always a precious for each photographer. Many of them like to take the birds pictures not in the flight time only, but even grounded or sitting in their nests.

The everyday behavior of animals and birds delights people too. And many tourists making their trip with one aim: to see the wild, full of danger, forest life; to test themselves in a hot desert together with camels or horses; to enjoy the dolphins, swimming around them. But the appearance of the human may scare the shaky animals life, so they would run far, far away from the place where you expected to see them. In order to prevent these causes, you would better use the Insecam project!

In this catalogue you can find either domesticated, or wild birds and animals, living their lives in front of public cameras. Enjoy the nature with this modern system!
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