Live cameras: river


We are living on the planet, closely netted by the water sources. They are like a blood vessels of the human being – provide us and the Earth with life-giving water.

You can visit the most beautiful lakes and rivers in the world not even leaving your apartments. Just try the Insecam project to observe the likes in America, Finland, Poland, Spain, Norway, Japan and Ireland in a real-time. You can see how the pictures from the photos look in a real life: strong streams, spellbinding waterfalls, beautiful shores and ambient nature.

The Insecam catalogue can show you the richness of Columbia lakes, picturesque Amazonian bay, Missouri river and Danube. Unbelievable precious is a famous surrounding nature, that is close to Colorado river (Glen canyon). And the view on the Yangtze in China…

Thanks to these cameras, working in real-time 24/7 you can choose the place to travel to. Thus you can see your favorite place in a real life.
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