Live camera Bilbao, Spain

The capital of the Basque Country is a seaside city, but it has no beaches except for the promenade of Nervión. Locals go to the sandy beaches in the suburbs to swim and sunbathe. It is easy to reach them from the Basque capital.

This beach area is the closest to Bilbao. Many citizens and tourists have a rest here. The distance from the capital of the Basque Country to Gecho, where La Arenas is located, is thirteen kilometers. The beach area is equipped with a sailing club. Here you can learn how to sail and take a water trip on a canoe. In addition, fans of windsurfing come to La Arenas.

Next to the beach is the Biscayne Bridge. It is a huge suspension structure over the Nervión, designed by local architect Alberto de Palacio. His teacher was Gustave Eiffel himself. The bridge connects the coast of Las Arenas with the city of Portugalete. Large liners quietly pass beneath it. In 1893 the bridge was completed and was 160 m long and 45 m high. It is still in operation today. The towers on both sides of the bridge are equipped with elevators that take people to its pedestrian part. In addition, for the crossing to the other side you can use the gondola, which accommodates dozens of passengers and six cars.

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