View camera online in Ulsan-Gwangyoksi, Ulsan

Ulsan Is a metropolitan city in the southeastern part of the Korean Peninsula, located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan at the mouth of the Taehwagan River, 70 kilometers north of Busan. The largest industrial city in the country, known as the "Capital of the Economy of the Republic of Korea" [1] or "The Capital of Industry of the Republic of Korea". The official name of the city in Korean is the Metropolitan City of Ulsan. Watch camera online in Ulsan Geographic coordinates: 35 ° 33 ′ N sh. 129 ° 19 ′ E e. H the G I About. In the past, the city was the center of Korean whaling, in June 2005 the meeting of the International Whaling Commission took place in Ulsan. In 2015, the city was declared a contender to host the 2028 Olympic Games with Busan. The city is famous for its attractions. Here is the largest park in the country - "Big Ulsan Park" and the largest shipyard in the world - "Hyundai Heavy Industries". In the center of the city there is a famous monument "Tower of Industry" - a symbol of the city and the country's industry.

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