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Cape Town is the second most populous city (after Johannesburg) in the Republic of South Africa. Located in the southwest of the country on the Atlantic coast, near the Cape of Good Hope. Capital of the Western Cape, the legislative capital of South Africa. It is part of the Cape Town metropolitan area. 

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Cape Town is home to the South African Parliament and many government offices. The city is famous for its harbor and world famous attractions such as Table Mountain (South Africa), Cape of Good Hope, Cape Point. Cape Town is the most visited city in South Africa. Cape Town developed as a staging post for Dutch ships en route from Europe to East Africa, India and other parts of Asia, and played a leading role in that capacity for over 200 years, until the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869.

Cape Town, founded on April 6, 1652 by colonists under the leadership of Jan van Riebeck, has long remained the capital and largest city of the Cape Colony. According to the 2011 census, Cape Town's population is 3,740,026. Cape Town's area is 2,444.97 km²: this is more than other cities in South Africa, and as a result, the population density in Cape Town is lower (1529.68 people / km²).

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