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Madrid, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a capital with a colossal cultural and artistic heritage. Modern business centers and medieval architecture, the best nightclubs in Europe, the largest outlets, beautiful parks and, of course, many museums are so organically combined here. Watch camera online in Madrid The culture and appearance of Madrid reflects its history as a royal city, the center of the Spanish Empire. The royal palace, wide squares and monumental buildings that were built by monarchs, abnormally huge cathedrals and churches - all this is full of it in Madrid. Just like medieval buildings. Although today the city is as cosmopolitan as Berlin or London, and just as full of energy. The people of Madrid ("madrilienos") used to call themselves "gatos" - "cats". The daily routine in this city was slow and sluggish due to the heat; to this day, there is a long day break in the summer schedule of many Madrid offices. But in the evening ... Madrid has an overwhelming number of bars per capita compared to other European cities and an overactive nightlife. Madrilienos are definitely not larks and are used to buzzing until 5-7 in the morning. So feel free to go for a night walk along Gran Vía on a weekend. But make sure that your hotel is not near any center of the club life.

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