View camera online in Tokyo, Tokyo

Residents of Tokyo, like residents of almost all major metropolitan areas, love to spend time in city parks. In spring, you can observe the beauty for which thousands of tourists come from all over the world - cherry blossoms. It is an old Japanese tradition to enjoy the cherry blossoms. And even in the electronic 21st century, real joy is not brought by advanced technologies, but by such simple things. Watch camera online in Tokyo As soon as it gets dark, Tokyo changes before our eyes. During the day, it is flat, gray and very discreet. At night - drunk, bright and simply crazy. On the street there is a whole cult of another reality - electronic. They say that robots in Tokyo can be found right on the street. And indeed it is. The Japanese are constantly living in a state of stress. Work stress, stress from trips in crowded vehicles, stress from lack of space. That is why in the evenings they try to distract themselves from all this. The Akihabara area is proof of this. This is a real gaming kingdom. The rides are as crazy as Tokyo at night itself. Musical, dance, in general, similar to nothing. Shooting games, adventure games, racing and much more. The cost of the attraction is from 1 to 4 dollars. The Japanese can lose up to $ 500 overnight.

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