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Tranbjerg used to be a small village, but now it is a suburb of Aarhus, about 10 km south of the city center. Tranbjerg Church is a typical old Danish village church built in the late 1100s, but with a few later changes and additions. It is dedicated to Saint Ursula and eleven thousand handmaidens. In 1737, King Christian VI gave the Tranbjerg parish a charter to the Tranbjerg-Skole public school. The school was located next to the church, but new and larger school buildings were built elsewhere in the 1970s. In 2013, Tranbjerg Skole and Gronlokkeskolen, another local public school, merged to form Tranbjergskolen Public School.

Tranbjerg has a relatively well-preserved center known as the Sid Center (Center South). It originated in the late 1800s, after the Tranbjerg railway station was built in 1884. The railway station turned the village into a railway city, attracting industry and improving trade opportunities for local farmers. Tranbjerg Kro was built in 1885. The station was rebuilt and modernized in 1993.

Tranbjerg Brugsforening, a local cooperative, opened in 1918 when the cooperative idea flourished and took root in Denmark. Quickli Tranbjerg is built on the site of the former headquarters of Tranbjerg Brugsforening.

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The local sports association AIA-Tranbjerg was also founded in 1918 as the local branch of the larger AIA (Arbejdernes Idrætsklub, Aarhus). Football has played an outstanding role in the history of AIA-Tranbjerg.

In 1970 Tranbjerg became part of the municipality of Aarhus

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