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The area of ​​the city is now equal to 605 square kilometers, which is slightly larger than the area of ​​Tokyo, and noticeably larger than the area of ​​Paris. However, the square is a conditional concept, because a real city is much larger than its formal borders, which have not changed for a quarter of a century. Seoul, in terms of population density, leaves most of the world's major cities far behind, because the building density in the Korean capital is exceptional, houses huddle together, leaving room only for narrow, winding alleys, on which sometimes two oncoming cars cannot part. Not surprisingly, in administrative terms, Seoul is now a so-called "special city", in rights equivalent to a province (although in practice its political significance is much greater than that of any Korean province). At the same time, only 40% of the city's population is native Seoul, that is, they were born in the Korean capital. Those who had fathers in Seoul, in general, only 7%. Seoul residents for the most part remember well where they themselves or their parents came to this city from. Therefore, all sorts of problems of regional politics, conflicts between provinces (and in Korea such conflicts are very strong) - all this is reflected in Seoul. Watch camera online in Seoul It didn't start yesterday or even half a century ago. The highest centralization has always been characteristic of Korea. So, two hundred years ago, at the end of the 18th century, out of about two and a half thousand officials in the country, about 2 thousand were concentrated in Seoul, and only a few hundred worked outside the capital. This tradition continues to this day.

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