Live camera Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

St. Petersburg is a city of federal subordination, the second largest city in Russia with a thousand attractions. St. Petersburg is the largest non-capital city in Europe. During its history, the city changed its name several times: it was founded under the name of St. Petersburg, on August 31, 1914 it was renamed Petrograd, on January 26, 1924 - in Leningrad, and on September 6, 1991 it returned its historical name. Watch camera online in St. Petersburg St. Petersburg is the administrative center of the Leningrad Region and the Northwestern Federal District as a whole. For two centuries (until 1918) it was the capital of the Russian state. Currently, the population of St. Petersburg exceeds four and a half million inhabitants. Peter is the northernmost million-plus city in the world. St. Petersburg is a city of contrasts, in which wide and straight avenues and narrow narrow streets, spacious squares and dark gateways coexist. It is interesting that for every visitor, St. Petersburg opens from its side, and no matter how many times you come here, each time you will discover something new for yourself.

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