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Palermo is the administrative center of the province of the same name, located in Italy. Watch camera online in Palermo The patron saint of the city is St. Rosalia. City holiday - July 15. History Palermo was founded by the Phoenicians under the name Sus (Phoenician - "flower") in 754 BC. e., but its name Panorm - always accessible harbor (lat. Panormum and Panormus, ancient Greek. during the first Punic War, this was the main station of the Carthaginian fleet. The Romans, taking the city in 254 BC. e., gave him the right to municipality, and in the time of Augustus the city was made a colony (Colonia Augusta Panormitanorum). In 515, pretty desolate, during the Roman rule, Palermo was conquered by the Goths; in 535, Belisarius recaptured the northern coast of Sicily. In 831 he was in the hands of the Saracens; since then has become the most important trading center in Sicily. The majority of the population were Greeks, Jews and Arabs who traded with North Africa. In 1072, the Norman conqueror Robert Guiscard took possession of Palermo, and his descendant Roger II made it the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily. Under the Hohenstaufens in Palermo, a brilliant court life was in full swing, especially under Frederick II, who transferred the entire imperial court here from Germany. After the death of the son of Frederick II, Manfred of Siculus, at the Battle of Benevento (1266), Charles of Anjou captured Palermo; the French, however, could not hold out for long in Sicily. The vengeful Sicilian people have not forgotten Conradin's execution; the famous Sicilian Vespers (1282) began from the outskirts of Palermo, which led to the extermination of all the French on the island. Pedro III of Aragon was proclaimed king of Sicily, and Palermo became the seat of the viceroy, but six centuries of Spanish rule did not bring prosperity to the inhabitants of the city. In 1799, when Naples was taken by the French, Ferdinand IV of Naples fled to Palermo and remained here until 1815. In 1820, when Ferdinand IV decided to declare Naples and Sicily as a single kingdom of the Two Sicilies, a riot broke out in Palermo, which was pacified with great difficulty. The unrest that began in Palermo in 1847 resulted in a general uprising in 1848. The royal troops were defeated, a provisional government was established in the city and the Sicilian parliament was convened, but in the next year, in 1849, Palermo was forced to surrender to the royal troops. In 1860, Giuseppe Garibaldi took Palermo and incorporated it into the Kingdom of Italy. A large part of the city was destroyed during the Second World War. Climate The climate is Mediterranean. The coldest month is February, the warmest is August. Since Palermo is completely surrounded by the sea, winters are even warmer than on the coastal regions of the continents, and summers are stifling and humid, but somewhat less hot. Due to the complete encirclement of the sea, summer in Palermo lasts until early December, and December is warmer than March. On January 17, 2017, the absolute minimum air temperature in the entire history of meteorological observations was set - 0 ° C.
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