Live camera Taipei, Taiwan, Province Of

On the island of Taiwan, the capital Taipei is one of the most populous and expensive in the world. More than six million inhabitants live in a relatively small area. That is why the streets are always lively and the bustle does not stop even at night. The main dream of most residents is to buy a small house. Taking a quick glance at the metropolis, travelers note the chaos and inconsistency in the actions of the indigenous population. In fact, this is not the case. Every corner and particle in Taipei has a strictly defined meaning. People quickly move along the streets like ants in order to be in time for everything. Taipei landmarks The main attraction is a tall skyscraper with one hundred and one floors. The pointed building rises above the territory of the metropolis to a height of about five hundred and nine meters. Strong winds are felt most of all on the upper floors. The observation tower is equipped with glass so that travelers cannot fall from the top of the structure. From here, a stunning view of the city and surroundings opens up. Watch camera online in Taipei The Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall is always guarded. This is the most visited place in Taipei. It houses a cinema, a music hall, a library, and in the courtyard there is a beautiful lake Emeralda. It is here that the awards ceremonies for the best films of the country are held. Travelers with children will be interested in visiting the local zoo. In addition to the fact that here you can study the habits of rare species of animals and traditional representatives of the fauna of China and Japan, various attractions, gazebos, and play areas are arranged for children.

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