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Goseong is a county in Gyeongsangnam-do province, South Korea. History In 737, on the site of modern Goseong, there was Koca county (then this territory was part of the state of Silla). In 757 the name was changed to Koson. In 1018, during the Goryeo Dynasty, Koson County changed its status as an administrative unit from gong to hyung. Koson again became a gong (county) only in 1895, after an administrative reform. Geography Goseong is located at the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. On its territory, the landscape is quite diverse - from a narrow coastline in the south to mountains in the north. The county is bordered by Geoje, Sacheon, Tongyeong, Masan and Jinju. Mountain ranges stretch from the northeast to the southwest of the county. The northwestern part is topographically higher than the northwestern one. Large rivers do not flow through Koson and the height of the mountains is low, so the area is suitable for agriculture. The county's climate is warmer than the rest of the Korean Peninsula, as it is heavily influenced by the ocean. The average annual temperature from 1992 to 2001 was 15.4 ℃, the maximum temperature was recorded on July 21, 1994 (39.5 ℃), the minimum temperature was recorded on January 15, 2001 (-14.7 ℃). Average annual rainfall over the same period is 1,536.8 mm, of which half falls during the rainy season from June to August. Winters are dry, with an average rainfall in December of only 30 mm.

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