View camera online in Noord-Holland, Amsterdam

Amsterdam - the capital of Holland Many consider this city to be the capital of European debauchery, drug addiction and other sins. But, first of all, it is a large international and student city, in which representatives of 110 nationalities live, of which 40% of the city's residents are the indigenous population and 60% are immigrants. The population of the city is 800 thousand people, with the suburbs - about 1 million. Watch camera online in Amsterdam The city was founded in 1275 on the Amstel River at its confluence with the Sauder-Zey estuary. According to legend, the city was founded by 2 fishermen, who were thrown onto the deserted bank of the river by a strong storm. Amstel. They considered their salvation as the finger of God, brought their families here and founded a fishing village. Now in the place where the unfortunate fishermen ended up after the storm - the Red Light District. To protect their homes from the flooding of the river, they erected dams and named this place Amsterdam, i.e. dam on the Amstel river. The whole life of the city, its entire history and existence is connected with this river. The Sauder-Zey estuary is currently blocked by a dam and turned into a freshwater lake. A 19 km long navigable canal was dug along the bottom of the lake. for the passage of ships to the seaport of Amsterdam, which is considered the 3rd largest seaport in Europe. The city is literally indented by a system of artificial canals connected to each other by 70 islands and 600 bridges. The most beautiful of them are Blauburg and Mahere Brueg ("Skinny Bridge"). There are 102 channels in the city, including 4 main and 98 auxiliary ones. Amsterdam is one of 4 great European cities built on water: Venice, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam and Bruges. However, in terms of the number of canals, their size and importance for the city, Venice does not go to any importance with Amsterdam. It is not Amsterdam that should be called the Venice of the North, but Venice - the North Amsterdam.

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