Live camera Oslo, Norway

Oslo is the capital and largest city in Norway. Its area is over 450 sq. km. Watch camera online in Oslo The city is located in the southeastern part of the country, on the shores of the fjord of the same name (sea bay). The territory of the Norwegian capital includes 40 islands scattered along the fjord. Two rivers flow through the city - Akeshelva and Alna. In addition to rivers, sources of clean fresh water are local lakes; there are more than 340 of them within the city. At the moment, the population of Oslo is more than 620 thousand people, and more than 30% are newcomers. The national currency of Norway is the Norwegian krone (NOK). The Icelandic historian Snorri Sturlusson, who lived at the beginning of the 13th century, pointed out that Oslo was founded in 1048 by the Norwegian king Harold III. The city got its name from the name of the Lo river, in translation it means "the mouth of the Lo". Oslo became the capital of Norway in 1299, it was at this time that the Akershus fortress was built here. From the beginning of the 17th to the end of the 19th century, the city of Oslo, which is considered the most ancient capital of Northern Europe, was called Christiania, and then, until 1924, Christiania. The city, which has repeatedly become a victim of fires, began to acquire its modern features since 1960.

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