Live cameras: Spain


Any civilized person is just have to visit this marvelous country and visit the homeland of the brave toreros and passionate Carmen. Spain is a country of a hot sun and tender sea, golden beaches and bright blue sky, and, of course, bullfights. You would be able to find homely cities and bad resorts here.

There is just amazing architecture of buildings and castles, preserved since antiquity. If you are curious person, Spain is your passion. Wherever you are in Spain, you are getting familiarized with the past. Even when you have examined everything across Spain, you wouldn’t be able ever to say that you know absolutely everything about this country because it is just incomprehensible.

But if you can’t visit this country now or you just go to learn more what's go on in Spain, the Insecam project allows to plunge you into the Spanish unforgettable atmosphere.

You can be surprised by the sight of the Sagrada Familia, the Prado Museum, attractions in Port Aventura through the set of the Insecam public cameras installed in different places in Spain. The Insecam constantly allows to see how the Spanish nation lives.

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