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The Chinese manufacturer of cameras Foscam is one of the largest camera manufacturers in the world. Foscam camera low price and pretty good quality. These cameras are very easy to set up and pleased with many useful features. Consider some of them.

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Most of the Foscam cameras have PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) function which can be used to rotate the camera in almost any direction.

Many of the Foscam cameras have a microphone and speaker for two-way communication.

The cameras operate at almost any browser without requiring the support of a very insecure ActiveX components wchich are not used in modern browsers. This allows you to connect to the camera via not only Microsoft Explorer but also with other operating systems.

Camera is working using the mobile client Foscam Viewer, which is available both for Android, and mobile devices Apple. Functions support dynamic DNS allows you to connect via a fixed domain name to the camera, which has no permanent IP address.


But due to the pursuit of a mass producer of cameras leaves the issue of security on the second plan. However, the fault of the manufacturer here is indirect and primarily the user of the camera is obliged to check all the security settings, disabling unnecessary functionality.

UPNP in the cameras Foscam

The first thing touch should check when setting up Foscam cameras in private networks is a function of the UPNP. This feature is often enabled by default on a network equipment. It allows you to request from the router with enabled UPNP forwarding port inside the LAN. Thus, even if you set up the Foscam camera in a local network with private IP address like 192.168.x.x, using the function UPNP this camera will still be available on the Internet on an external IP address. It is the misconception that no one will be able to connect to the camera on a private IP address encourages many to ignore the security settings and not to change the password.

Disable the UPNP function on both the camera and the router, if you don't want to connect to the equipment in a private network from the Internet.

To check the status of the function UPNP (and many others) on the Foscam camera is possible by the following path, substituting the IP address of your camera:

DynDNS cameras by Foscam

The next security problem is that many cameras from Foscam is enabled by default, dynamic DNS get a domain name in the format where xx is the letters, and yyyy is a number. This allows a small effort to sort through all the options and get huge list of online cameras that have the DynDNS function enabled.

If you take the time setting it up, the Foscam camera will be quite a good option for videoregistration and to monitor in real time taking into account the fact that for relatively little money you get a relatively high quality camera that support PTZ functions. Of course, it all depends on the specific model to the choice which you should be very liability. After all, they all differ in their functions and quality of sensor and lens.
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