Live cameras: Lithuania


Lithuania is a modest but charming country. It is always opened to the tourists, who want to enjoy its sights and relax under the pleasant Baltic sun. There is a wonderful nature here which makes your journey unforgettable and ultracosy.

The climate is very soft here, thus many families with kids and an elder generation would be comfortable here. Also you can become healthier with visiting therapeutic resorts. Lithuania will never let you down, there are many historical views and unbelievable nature here. One of the important points is an absolute absence of language barrier, tasty kitchen and low cost relaxation.

If you haven’t decided yet either you want to visit Lithuania or not, see this country on your monitor. Thanks to the Insecam project, you are able to observe different corners of Lithuania. Linksys and Foscam public cameras allow you to see each event happening in there. It’s absolutely free, you don’t even need an account.

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