Live cameras: Singapore


Surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia, separated by 2 sea straits.
Singapore is located south of Malaysia and north of Indonesia. The Johor Road separates Singapore from Malaysia, and the Singapore Road separates it from Indonesia. However, there are links with Malaysia. Johor-Singapore Road, an artificial dam in the north connecting Singapore with the city of Johor Bahru. In the west there is a bridge called the Second Link.

Bukit Timah Hill is the highest hill in Singapore at an altitude of 176 meters. From October to February, the average temperatures are from 28 degrees, and it rains more.

Religions and the population of Singapore
Buddhism as the most represented religion in Singapore
Buddhism is the most widespread religion in Singapore. 42.5 percent belong to this religion. Islam owns 14.9 percent. 14.6 percent are Christians, 8.5 percent are Taoists and 4 percent are Hindus.

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