Live cameras: Georgia


Georgia is a country in Asia. It is located south of Russia, in the Caucasus Mountains. Part of the Black Sea coast belongs to Georgia. The country is almost twice the size of Switzerland.

The country is very mountainous. There are several climatic zones in Georgia. It is very humid on the coast: it rains three times more than in Germany. On the other hand, it is arid in the east.

Back in the Stone Age, people lived where Georgia is today. The ancient Greeks called the country Colchis. This is known from the legend of the Argonauts. The country also got its name from the Greeks: Georgia is called the "land of peasants". Residents, on the other hand, call their country Sakartvelo. In his own poems, it looks like this: საააა.

The official language is Georgian. Most of the residents are Orthodox Christians: there is a Georgian Orthodox Church. Approximately one in ten residents is an adherent of Islam. In the 19th century Georgia joined Russia. For a long time it was part of the Soviet Union. The most famous ruler of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, was born and raised in Georgia.

Thanks to Insecam project, you can get to this beautiful country through the lenses of online cameras.

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