Live cameras: Moldova, Republic Of

Moldova, Republic Of

Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe. Previously, the country was called Moldova. Moldova is slightly smaller than Switzerland. Moldova borders only two neighboring countries: Romania and Ukraine. The Black Sea is very close, but Moldova has no access to it. 

The name Moldova comes from the river that flows through part of Romania today. There was a principality there in the Middle Ages. The current Moldova also belonged to this early state. However, it used to be known as Bessarabia. Both Russia and the Ottoman Empire, and then Romania, wanted to have Bessarabia within their borders. Therefore, the rulers changed several times. In the 20th century, it was one of many republics that were part of the Soviet Union. When the USSR collapsed in 1991, Moldova became a separate and independent state.

About three million people live in the Republic of Moldova. Most of them are Orthodox Christians. There are few Catholics and Jews here, and very few Muslims. The capital is Chisinau. The Republic of Moldova closely cooperates with the European Union, but is not a member of it.

The main language is Moldovan, it is a kind of Romanian. There is a special part of Moldova: Transnistria. A third of the people there speak Moldovan, another third - Russian, and the remaining third - Ukrainian. 

There is almost no industry in Moldova, people live by agriculture. Moldovans sell wine, vegetables and fruits to other countries. A quarter of the residents have moved abroad to work there. They send money home, and this is more for Moldova than is earned in the country itself. Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe.

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