Live cameras: Peru


Peru is a country in South America. Peru is about three times the size of Germany, but there are three times fewer people living there. About four out of five Peruvians belong to the Catholic Church. In the west, Peru borders the Pacific Ocean. Ecuador and Colombia are to the north, Brazil and Bolivia are to the east, and Chile is to the south.

The capital of Peru is called Lima. About 10 million people live in the Disease and its CREST. Initially, Lima was located inside the country, but over the past few decades it has grown together with the port city of Callao and, therefore, is actually located on the seashore.

The rest of the land on the coast is flat, with dry deserts. Rivers are filled with water only after heavy rains. The Andes are located in the north-south direction. These mountains have a height of more than 6700 meters. The third landscape of Peru is a tropical forest. It is there that the two main spring rivers originate, which unite into the Amazon. There are few roads in the rainforest. There are also villages and towns that can only be reached by river or by air.

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