Live cameras: Pakistan


Pakistan is a country in Asia. It is located between Iran and India. The country is more than twice the size of Germany and twice as many residents live there. The capital is called Islamabad. For a long time it was Karachi.

The most important river of Pakistan is the Indus. There was an important high culture in Pakistan in ancient times. Later, the British mastered most of South Asia. "British India" consisted of modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Mount K2 is also located in the Karakoram Mountains. It is the highest mountain in Pakistan and the second highest mountain in the world. There have already been several strong earthquakes in this region. Deserts meet in the east and south. In the south there is the coast of the Indian Ocean. The sea sometimes floods the land.

Almost all residents are Muslims. Islam is even encouraged by the state, so it is the religion of the state. Thus, the country is called the "Islamic Republic". Pakistan has often been ruled by the army in its history. But from time to time he also supported Islamist terrorists.

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