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Zurich is the financial heart of Switzerland. Here, 30 km from the Alps, are the Swiss stock exchange, branches of the world's largest banks and insurance companies. The city is located in the north-east of Switzerland, on the banks of the Limmat River, Zurich is protected from winds and cyclones by the Uetliberg and Zurichberg mountains. Watch camera online in Zurich It is one of the most populous cities in Switzerland. Today the population of Zurich is about 500 thousand people, more than 30% of whom are foreigners (especially a lot of immigrants from Germany, Italy and Serbia). Linguistically, Switzerland is an amazing country, there are as many as four state languages: German (native to 77% of the townspeople), French, Italian and Swiss Romansh. Once upon a time on the site of modern Zurich there were settlements of the ancient Celts and Germans, who were replaced by the Romans. The first mention of the city dates back to 929, the same date is considered the official date of the foundation of Zurich. The "golden" age for Zurich was the 16th century, when the city under the leadership of Ulrich Zwingli became the center of the Reformation. Since then, little has changed in the appearance of the city. Zurich is a typical burgher city that was bypassed by the wars and revolutions of the twentieth century (perhaps, in 1945, Zurich was mistakenly fired upon by the American Air Force), but to which cash flows from all over the world flocked and still continues to flow.

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