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Gissen is a city in Germany, a university city located in the state of Hesse. Subordinate to the administrative district of Giessen. Part of the Giessen district. The population is 75 349 people (as of June 30, 2009). Covers an area of ​​72.562 km². The official code is 06 5 31 005. 

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Geographical position Giesen is located at the bend of the Lahn River, where it changes its direction from south to west, between the cities of Wetzlar (12 km down the Lahn) and Marburg (30 km up the Lahn). The Taunus massif begins to the southwest of Giessen, and Vogelsberg to the east. History The beginning of the city In 1152, Wilhelm von Gleiberg (German: Wilhelm von Gleiberg) founded the Giessen castle 5 kilometers from his Gleiberg castle and moved there.

The first written mention of the new settlement dates back to 1197. In 1248 Giessen became a city and in 1264 passed to the Landgrave of Hesse. In 1442, Giessen received the right to free trade (the creation of an urban market), which was of great importance in the Middle Ages for the development of the urban economy. Around 1535, the Landgrave Philip I the Magnanimous ordered the city to be fortified. When dividing the Landgraph of Hesse in 1567, Giessen passed to the Landgraph of Hesse-Marburg, and in 1604 - to the Landgraph of Hesse-Darmstadt.

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