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The most German city is Nuremberg, located in Bavaria on the banks of the Pegnitz River. 

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The oldest settlement on the site of modern Nuremberg - the fortified city of Großgrundlach - was founded in 1021. The first mention of Nuremberg itself is in 1050, although excavations indicate the presence of a settlement much earlier than this date. The basis of the settlement is a fortress, around which merchants, artisans and servants of the castle begin to settle.

Due to its very convenient location, the fortress became the seat of the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire. The status of the capital, of course, had a very good influence on development, despite various military events. The pilgrimage to the relics of Saint Sebald, a hermit and a very popular saint, was of great importance for the economic growth of the city. The Middle Ages were truly a Golden Age for Nuremberg, especially after it was given the status of an Imperial City. Despite numerous wars and fires, Nuremberg thrives and occupies a very high position among other imperial cities. The city received a very heavy blow during the Thirty Years War.

Since the townspeople simply paid off from the enemies, a huge debt accumulated, after the payment of which, Nuremberg could not recover and reach its former heights. Since the beginning of the era of romanticism, artists from all over Europe come to Nuremberg as a very colorful place with beautiful medieval architecture. In the 19th century, the city begins to rise. The first German railway was opened here in 1835. In Nuremberg, the Danube-May Ludwig Canal was built, a real engineering miracle.

Unfortunately, the first half of the 20th century is associated with German fascism for the city. It is here that the first congress of the NSDAP takes place, and Leni Riefenstahl is filming his "Triumph of the Will". In the same city, in 1946-1949, trials were held in the case of war crimes by the leadership of Nazi Germany. Nuremberg has preserved a huge number of attractions - churches and castles, various civil and public buildings of different times. The city is also famous for its sausages and gingerbread.

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