Live camera Amsterdam, Netherlands

Only about seven hundred thousand inhabitants live in Amsterdam, and although the Queen of the Netherlands prefers to live not in the local Royal Palace, but in the neighboring Hague, tourists are happy to wander through its chambers, wondering how different a life can be that is not lived by them.

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Of course, this is primarily due to the fact that Amsterdam is a special city. On the one hand, the former homeland of hippies, he still shocks the world with the Red Light District, in which the “ancient profession” has become not a vice, but a profitable business, numerous cafes where it is allowed to smoke “weed” or taste hallucinogenic mushrooms. On the other hand, despite such unprecedented freedom for most tourists, this is the most respectable city, since there is practically no crime here. As they say, only the forbidden fruit is sweet ...

Legendary Red Light District
However, for most guests, the described sights of the capital of Holland are just exotic moments against the background of the real cultural features of Amsterdam, where the UITMARKT festival is held annually. During this period, each visitor must choose the best of the hundreds of entertainment offered to their attention. Music, including performed by the Dutch Symphony Orchestra, cabaret shows, theatrical premieres and film screenings of the best films, numerous excursions - everything for our dear guests. And there is something to see.

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