Live camera Seoul, Korea, Republic Of

The official Korean Institute of Urban Development five years ago published its estimates of the share of Seoul in various areas of the country's life. How they counted there and how they got so many surprisingly accurate results - I don't know, and I'll just tell you their numbers. So, in accordance with their calculations, 76% of the country's total economic potential, 92% of foreign policy potential, 62% of all financial capabilities are concentrated in Seoul. Seoul has 26% of all Korean students and 41% of all Korean doctors. Watch camera online in Seoul Almost all careers are made in Seoul, almost all states of the country. Even if the factories are located somewhere on the periphery, the headquarters of any company is necessarily located in Seoul. The biographies of the majority of the generals of the Korean industry, the Korean "oligarchs", are very similar: usually born somewhere in the provinces, they all came to Seoul in their young years to make fame and money, and in the end achieved their goal. It is clear that millions of other people also came to Seoul, dreaming of fame and money, and in the end were left with nothing, but for our history it is important that future automobile kings and steel barons could realize their dreams only in Seoul. For better or worse, Seoul is Korea, and most likely, this situation will remain for a long time.

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