Live cameras: Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a country in southern Asia. It borders India almost everywhere. Only in the very south-east it also has a border with Myanmar. Bangladesh is home to about twice as many people as Germany, with the country accounting for only about half.

Three great rivers flow through the country: Brahmaputra, Meghna and Ganges. All three flow into the Indian Ocean in the south of the country, more precisely, into the Bay of Bengal. The land is mostly flat and only a few meters above the sea, there are almost no mountains. The capital of Bangladesh is called Dhaka. More than six million people live there. This makes Dhaka also the largest city in Bangladesh, opposite Chittagong and Khulna.

Nine out of ten people in Bangladesh are Muslims. The largest mosque is the Bayt al-Mukarram Mosque in Dhaka. Most of the territory of Bangladesh is filled with cities or plantations. There are few natural plants left. Only in the southeast, in the Chittagong area, there are still rainforests. These forests are also home to most animals, such as elephants, monkeys, snakes, as well as the national animal of Bangladesh, the Bengal tiger. It is also called the royal tiger. But due to the fact that there are fewer and fewer rainforests, there are fewer and fewer tigers.

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